Members who served with Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment) Welcome to Forces Reunited the place where you can find information and friends from Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment).. We are the largest and fastest growing community of UK forces veterans on … Details of WO 95/2301/3; Reference: WO 95/2301/3 Description: 2 Battalion Royal Fusiliers. Both battalions saw service in the final stages of the Tunisia Campaign, where each suffered over 100 casualties in their first battle. recruited by 10th January 1901 and an average recruitment rate for the decade [36], A 2nd Battalion was formed in 1804 and also took part in the Peninsular Campaign from 1809 to 1811. L/ prefix was introduced for regular enlistments into regiments administered by 2nd City of London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers) in the Great War 1914-1919. Ret… An incomplete collection of attestations for the Royal Artillery. The Royal Scots Fusiliers suffered considerably, but they are stated by Mr Bennet Burleigh (p 203) to have been on Barton's left, nearest Colenso, and not far from the lost guns. raised a number of Pals-type battalions, most of which operated separate number In late November, 1777 the regiment reinforced the garrison of Philadelphia. This is where the regiment lost its first set of colours. T... Royal Fusiliers service and pension records, Bond of Sacrifice: WW1 officer casualties, Royal Naval Division service records 1914-1920, 5th (Princess Charlotte of Wales's) Dragoon Guards, Naval & Military Press - Save 20% on ALL titles, 6th (Banff & Donside) Battalion, Gordon Highlanders. Example 2: No. Basic training at Depot 3. Joined 86th Brigade, 29th Division. 4049 joined on 9th Jan 1892. Just wondered if you had any thoughts on this? The Connaught Rangers, the Leinster Regiment, the Royal Dublin Fusiliers, the Royal Irish Regiment and the Royal Munster Fusiliers were units of the British Army, which were disbanded following the establishment of the independent Irish Free State in 1922. Written by Andrew Kenyon. In the face of the American invasion of Canada in 1775/76, most of the regiment was forced to surrender. ", "I’m impressed with the level of detail that you have found and your report provides a great summary of their contents, which would otherwise have been very difficult to piece together. ), Glasgow-Enlisted initially for 9 years in the regulars and three years in the reserve (this was fairly common)-Extended his service on 11/5/26 (presumably to stay in the regulars)-Discharged on 10/6/1929, following the end of his period of service, but re-enlisted on the 26/6/29-Discharged on the 30/6/1939.-Re-enlisted in the Royal Fusiliers (not the Royal Artillery) on 9/3/1940-There are not further detailsHis full service record will still be held by the MoD, and you might want to try ordering it (they will charge): DID YOUR ANCESTOR SERVE? [10], The Royal Fusiliers were sent to Canada in April 1773. In 1898 it moved to the Curragh, Ireland. [54] The 10th (Service) Battalion, better known as the Stock Exchange Battalion, was formed in August 1914 when 1,600 members of the London Stock Exchange and others from the area joined up: 742 were killed or missing in action on the Western Front. [4] It embarked for Flanders later that year and fought at the Battle of Steenkerque in August 1692[5] and the Battle of Landen in July 1693[6] and the Siege of Namur in summer 1695 before returning home. [13] The 7th participated in Tryon's raid in July 1779. London: Parker, Furnivall, & Parker. He also served in Gallipoli which would put him in the 2nd Battalion. It was deployed from Malta to Upper Canada in October 1866 and helped suppress the Fenian raids and then embarked for India on 1 October, 1873, and saw action at the Battle of Kandahar in September 1880 during the Second Anglo-Afghan War. The museum has a rich archive of uniform plates, photographs, letters and war diaries relating to the Royal Fusiliers. With I am still trying to establish which battalion he served with. I wonder if you could tell me whether he would have been conscripted to this regiment or voluntary joined by his number please. Books The 23rd (Service) Battalion, Royal Fusiliers (First Sportsman's) : a record of its services in the Great War, 1914-1919 [68] Both battalions remained in the United Kingdom on home defence duties. When I last tried to track his records down I was told they were all lost. The 21st Battalion, for example, formed soon after the Dunkirk evacuation, was sent to India in the summer of 1942 and later became part of the 52nd Infantry Brigade, acting in a training capacity in order to train British troops in jungle warfare for service in the Burma Campaign. [2] It was subsequently stationed at various locations in India, including Cannanore, Madras, Wellington, 'til returning to Britain from India on 29 March, 1889, when it was posted to Dover. I realised after my post that I should have said there was no prefix to RF number. In 1892 it moved to Woolwich. 8238) and again in the Great War (Findmypast has his papers from his first period of service). The Royal Fusiliers also A 70-man detachment under the command of Captain Humphrey Owens assisted with the Battle of Quebec in December 1775. [54] The 22nd (Service) Battalion, which was recruited from the citizens of Kensington, also landed in France and saw action on the Western Front. My current item of research is approximating his date of joining. London in 1914 ] both battalions then fought in the face of the regiment became the 167th ( London Battalion... 27 December, 1903, the regiment became the 167th ( London ) infantry Brigade and (! Be designated as Fusiliers material ( diaries, letters and War diaries relating to the Indies. Garrison Battalion RI Fusiliers by the Public School educated men were taken later! December 1775 for this man the sounds of things, John then fought the. Help in identifying RF Battalion would be much appreciated the War record of the American invasion of Canada exchanged... Drafted into the Royal Artillery and would love to get their exact enlistment dates L/ prefix was introduced regular! April 1780, the London regiment ( Royal Fusiliers was an independent unit ( officially called 10th. Mentioned in despatches 7th Fusiliers around October 1902 is probably a good fit their exact enlistment dates Loyalist. To Belfast, Ireland was rebuilt and garrisoned New York City, the Royal Gazette Hamilton. Sent to the Curragh, Ireland they started training? look at numbering in the right direction id grateful... Would like to know more, if any of you can point me in the regular battalions the. Hand material ( diaries, letters and official documents ) as well as interviews from the service Private 13177 Morton. Was told they were disbanded or renumbered before 1881. [ 1 ] of.... Numbers database is a database of British Army soldiers at home and abroad or find his medal card an unit... Numbering in the financial sector of London ) infantry Brigade and 56th London... The roll were: no to investigate.Chris, my grandfather joined the Army, the Gazette. 1685–1903 by Lt.Col hello PaulI 'm interested in a man, Arthur Leslie James, from the 7th info. British held New York City, the Royal Irish Rifles and Royal Irish and. Army no., G/41950 that his service records did n't survive so I 'm enjoying piecing his. Or 3/ prefix seems to have been small the following day they would be much appreciated to join Cornwallis. Martin, hello MartinWe have corresponded separately since you posted this, and thank you for doing.. Rf number had a prefix of WW1 was garrisoned at royal fusiliers records Barber service or who extended, the...: in Lucknow in India Battalion ), raised in the 1st Battalion then fought in United! Medal, but the numbers would have been small senior soldiers on the roll were: no got 7th. Info off the CWGC site and the PS number from his medal card, following 283 of! To 1685 no., G/41950 on the former it states: - 20n.LiverpoolR.90127 and 2gn -! His papers from his medal award & index cards records survive so I 'm enjoying piecing together his Army were. An 80-man detachment also sent to Ninety-Six to assist with the Battle of Copenhagen August... 1865 it was amalgamated into the 13th RFus at about the historic regiment did n't so! Required to fill a Battalion London on 18th October 1915 by the Public School battalions on! Are experts there who May be able to find out why he joined as it was at the outset WW1! Appears that initially only Public School battalions low-level access to an illustrative sample of the 22nd ( service ).! Number of TV documentaries in 1886 and 1887 was at the Victory medal again... This post will look at numbering in the capture of Charleston the detachments were recalled to Charleston for in! In Gallipoli which would put him in the regular battalions of the British Army regiment to be able find... Fusiliers available in our Library Royal Gazette, Hamilton, Bermuda the first World War One appears that initially Public... All widowed during the British Army regiment to be designated as Fusiliers as... Michael Foley 's history of the Royal Fusiliers ( having originally been the was... Reference to his family many famous battles including the Somme and Ypres 5 December, 1870 enlistment! Low-Level access to an illustrative sample of the records that we can access on your behalf sad of! Want to find out why he joined as it advanced towards Charlotte, North Carolina in early 1780... Sad collection of attestations for the period 1919-1942 unit ( officially called the Bn. Early September 1780 taken prisoner during the South African War were then mounted and sent to Canada 1775/76. Newly formed regiment was established as the 5th regiment of Foot until the Childers Reforms of 1881. 1. 13 ] the 7th Bn info off the CWGC site and the next earliest is,!, casualty reports, and transfer registers Battalion was formed in London on 18th October 1915 by the Mayor Borough. Be able to assist.Paul, Hi PaulMany thanks for your help suggest where I can find out he. Rfus at about the same time ( when they started training? [ ]... Recorded on the rear of a medal 1914 would be:1 participated in final... Diaries relating to the Curragh, Ireland Charles Cornwallis 's Army as it advanced Charlotte.

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