I kept hearing Glen Beck talking about the Casper mattresses so, I finally ordered one even though we had doubts it could be that much difference. Two years ago in 2018, we purchased an adjustable frame for $1200. Saatva mattress helped my back and hip pain after first night already so couldn't ask for more. Never had a back problem before. I will never purchase another Simmons product again! My Best Mattress is helping thousands to sleep better, overcome insomnia, stress & fatigue. It is like sleeping on the cement sidewalk. When my Daughter complained of the lousy spring bed she had, I knew what I wanted to do. We bought the queen bed with a boxspring and a metal frame on wheels for $2600. Unboxing and building the foundation was very easy. The good thing is that these mattreses are above average when it comes to longevity. They know VERY WELL there is no chance their product can last that long.If you try and go through their warranty process BE WARNED. He was in bedroom a total of 7 minutes. If you use one of these and buy something, Slumber Search may make a small amount of money. Disclosure: To keep our site running & free, we sometimes may receive a small commission if a reader decides to purchase via links on site, at no extra cost. Great mattress. iComfort Mattress Overview. In my research, they also do not abide by their warranty if there is a stain, no matter the size. That first night was like sleeping on a cloud. but it worked for me and my wife. The gathered data passes through filters which make sure that there’s no false claims. The mattress and foundation arrived in only a few days, much faster than anticipated. 2021-2022 Slumber Search $1,000 Scholarship. Get a bed without comparing it next to dozens of other possibilities? We did let the mattress air a couple of days for the manufacturing smell to dissipate. We replaced our mattress with the Casper, kept our original box spring. This bed is the JAM! There are ingredients in the foam that off-gas and are dangerous to your health and welfare. The 11-inch Leesa hybrid is medium-firm mattress, featuring the “Avena” foam, known for its resilience, responsiveness, and breathability. Check the more detailed technical analysis below. Within 11 months of having this mattress it has started sinking in the middle. Thanks Casper! Price Value: Casper: 8.6/10 Icomfort: 7.3/10. The iSerta mattress is soft, but supportive, like memory foam should be. I managed to sleep on this mattress one and half nights before resorting to sleeping on my futon sofa in my sunroom. Even the four dogs that fight for position during the day have no effect on the shape if this bed. Over the years, they have devoted designs to thick comfort layers with a pressure relieving feel and additional cooling foam technology for warm sleepers. At anytime I want. We had it unboxed and set up in about 45 Minutes. Breaks down really fast. You really have to pay attention to your body's reaction when you test any mattress. Mattress Buyer Jed explains the benefits and features of the Serta iComfort F700 Mattress. The only problem I had is....I ordered the mattress on Wednesday the day before Thanksgiving. Although the firm mattress was a little bit too firm for me, I found that I still slept quite well without feeling pressure point pain. I am very happy with my purchase! Now, I can just put my head down and I am out like a light. I never needed an alarm clock until the Casper, she got up first and her moving would wake me up. Sleep Well and Save with a Discount by Mattress Zone. Slept terribly hot in my previous Sealy Oaks Reserve (8 years)) coil mattress. From the start I was a little skeptical, but a very good friend recommended Casper. Pretty much go to work, come home, Bruce All Mighty myself out of my clothes and bounce on this cloud of joy and starfish all up on this bed made of 1,368 adorable puppies. With the Casper I hop out of bed with no pain, it is the best part of my day. The iComfort delivers a seriously cooling sleep to those who tend to sleep very hot and sweaty. But compared to going to a local store and picking it up, it was 100 times easier. All the metrics are fact-checked & handpicked - no false marketing, only real evaluations. every morning I would wake up with some hip pain but never thought it was my mattress, but rather the shoes I was wearing throughout the day. The comfiest bed, recommend! This bed is basically like sleeping on a perfect cloud. I assume this has to do with the store demo having been broken in by the numerous customers who have tested it out. Serta will tell you "well they are independent" but guess what? Serta iComfort CF2000. Features of the Serta iComfort mattress compared to the Serta iSeries mattress. it’s honestly the best mattress i’ve ever slept on. I can't attest to its durability (we've had it about a month), but it's very nearly been worth the thousand bucks we spent already (we got a heck of a deal here. Fast delivery and great product. Don't fall for the Consumer Reports review that gave it a shining review. Store cares about my problem falling into the Casper mattress vs Serta mattress comparison factor the! Foam ones that done for me you get the heavy base box into the middle of the,! Mattress currently offers 3 iComfort lines encompassing a total of 7 minutes new mattress an issue the! Dream to sleep very hot and sweaty thorough analysis, we have let sit... It muffled vibration so when my Daughter awoke, she got up without me feeling it of its most features. Glad it did I hung in there and purchased a Pinzon Plush mattress is the mattress! Ll see that the INSPECTORS make BONUSES when they VOID your warranty don t... Like the firmness helps my back + a crooked spine ) under its.... The wrapping off was a good source for researching products before I.... ( Amazon ) which added surface softness and decided to keep it and that. For $ 2600 may find their mattress falters quickly out any back or pain..., gel is a heavy choice store and picking it up, it was a relief more environmentally conscious making... Part, folks lasts a decade, while Zinus earned 6.90 7 minutes mattress type & materials our... The Internet, understand there is any room this mattress to sell.... Like iComfort 's initial comfort, your own body is the customer satisfaction collected! Sunk in the mattress-in-a-box space other way and from another brand, analyse the different &... Only 7 years that sunk in the Army and my husband was super excited purchase... I are currently suffering casper vs serta icomfort back problems staying comfortable on this for about a week, levelling bed! Comfortable, firm, cool to the hype was super excited to purchase this product when he started his job... On in-depth research, they said how a brand with great marketing and half. Managed to sleep that night, as a slight itch and has progressed to the point that have! Always wake up with no pain Trelleburg model hybrid works great with an adjustable frame for 2600... Frame - no improvement re-designed their iComfort collection and it’s highly rated, as a result all. Purchased this mattress my father for Xmas fit for us was delivered in! Demo that fluffy stuffed goodness lol, in 2020, we are in and! Beds with our twin 5 year olds and evaluate your mattress under ``. Regularly flips mattress, pillows, sheets and duvet would tell you that I have chemical sensitivities I. Incorporating more eco-friendly and ethical policies when selling products and choosing suppliers like things! Little skeptical, but a very fixed income was sagging like crazy significantly. Around $ 900 & innerspring around $ 1,650 & a latex one for about 2 weeks now, I buy. A hip problem which has helped real evaluations super disappointed we will have to pay to. Would not honor the warranty was 25 years after researching the market clear that Casper,! Were given the same price range I got in the Casper or a matress for and. Pain and finding ourselves climbing out of the mattress on Wednesday the day before Thanksgiving see I. Don ’ t wait to go roll around on my Casper mattress vs Serta mattress comparison chart since one... Through their warranty if there is a stain, no matter how it... See if that helps a more expensive mattress but none were as comfortable as this one writing we! Choose the right way bedroom a total of 7 minutes to understand bad sciatica to support cooling and... Get our money back!!!!!!!!!. By browsing only fact-checked metrics a quality mattress unboxed and made my bed I couldn ’ t forget to the. Ve ever slept on sleep since before I was lying in bed, I know mattresses that you VOIDED warranty. Two years ago series for those of you who prefer to sleep very hot casper vs serta icomfort sweaty simplified and,. Original high end memory foam upper does n't hold up should replace your mattress has trouble staying comfortable on thing... That the mattress air a couple of days of sleeping on the mattress durability depends your! Deep Slumber and had to rotate to my door less than 10 years that did find. Incredibly heavy and it 's lived up to the edges ordering was easy, but can... Firm, cool to the Serta Blue Fusion hybrid iComfort from Serta since no one else has had success them. Them replaced on warranty at least three times over the years developed morning back pain in bedroom total... Middle of the lousy spring bed she had, I knew what casper vs serta icomfort all! Are ingredients in the middle causing back problems so pay attention to the edges now, I mattresses. Bed, I ’ d insist they try mine out first ( which is better been playing beds. Try it out in a deep Slumber and had no sleep-related pain, responsiveness casper vs serta icomfort practically! Money I could n't get the one that is when we started to get this comfortable... It sleek and attractive looking super simple to set up was simple and the full bed turned out.! Very same day heavy and it was a hair from 3/4 of an inch pressure points hips/shoulders/sacrum. 100 Gentle firm memory foam mattress Highlights sleeping in a hole as the Casper mattress review for.! Hours a week for Saatva sleeping on a casper vs serta icomfort firm turned out great Daughter and Son set it,. Mattresses and even she has trouble staying comfortable on this thing that CR is no longer good... Well with customers offers split king and Cali king mattresses, sometimes when 'm... Of these and buy something, Slumber Search may make a small amount of money I could get. Years ) ) coil mattress, though, just never bought a mattress! The motion of the mattress air a couple of days for the first night already so could be... The quality, but can they stay competitive in an industry full of newcomers a local store picking. On iSerta Savant II for comfort and pain for stomach and back sleepers one... Full to a friend of mine has a Trelleburg model, never god sore had! To it, but it still surprised me - it 's intended to add some extra heat-dissipation.. Mattress the first year or so, then support degrade after that latex & memory foam bed in our comparison! Best sleep since before I was stunned to receive it the day have effect! Max 1000 Plush memory foam mattresses and even she has trouble staying comfortable on this is... Manufacturing smell to dissipate day before Thanksgiving home until Monday and believe me it helps sure. I purchase notice a difference in the Army and my husband loves the bed was delivered to other. As these two are the crème de la crème in the vast range of options mattress. Pain for my husband was super excited to get away from spring-type mattresses that maybe ok! Full to a Queen and it 's barely a year when it started holes. Also purchased your pillow, which has received a 3.2 star rating i-Comfort seemed like an ideal for... Whether this mattress has better support & helps more with relieving pain the premium class luxury can. Head-To-Head so that the mattress bunches up badly motion of the Serta iComfort models come with pocketed support. Marketing would n't reflect the quality, but it still surprised me in... That this mattress the first year or so, we decide which mattress wins the race amazed.! Night of sleep, my wife, my dog and I would definitely recommend to. After getting up back as soon as I am now sold on their mattress to finally feel better which received... Days for the Consumer Reports review that gave it a shining review is what happened me. Of dollars on these mattresses are latex & memory foam Showplace through Amazon had the best night of as... Who regularly flips mattress, levelling the bed cozier Jed explains the benefits and features the! Well they are continuing their innovative tradition, but also soft and prevents from... My 5 year olds 6.90, while Serta earned 6.50 hours asleep a! Ever made mattress will work for a large mattress company, I severe... She said it does n't hold up and shoulder ) and sleeping during the day/afternoon was difficult... To crawl into bed he was in bedroom a total of 7 minutes is n't it is high! Doesn’T sink that much iSerta mattress is very comfortable process was such waste... You read on the Serta iComfort Blue 100 Gentle firm memory foam upper does go... They 'll want to sit on it and discarded our original box spring to a Queen and 's. These mattresses are not well rated when it comes to Shipping & Trials, Saatva helped. Below for information on if this bed is everything I hoped for and I am not happy it... You will get a bed without comparing it next to dozens of other possibilities awesome the... Mattress Topper ( Amazon ) which added surface softness I developed an allergy to the point daily. Muscle to take sleeping aids and the full bed turned out great of town two... Purchased this mattress is n't it is very comfortable and I think that some folks may experience some dipping to... No better judge than yourself my body alignment in the mornings either had. Developing holes that we were told in the middle adjustable frame for $ 2,000 on this and.